Principal’s welcome

Welcome to the McDowall State School. The staff, parents and students associated with this school welcome you into the school community. We trust that your time spent with us will be personally satisfying and rewarding. The McDowall State School delivers excellence in quality preparatory and primary education services. A quality curriculum delivered by effective professional teaching upholds our vision for all students to experience success and to assume increasing levels of self-responsibility in the achievement of pre-determined learning outcomes within a supportive learning context strengthened by partnerships.
We believe that learning is the key in shaping and enriching our future leaders and citizens. Learning is a part of everyday life. We acknowledge that schools vary in philosophy and practice. We value preparatory and primary education as the ‘foundation’ upon which child potential can be based. We also cherish the early childhood years of our children as distinctly separate from adolescent and young adult years. We continuously strive for even greater educational achievements in educational excellence. We provide a concerted focus on the child, an expectant and relevant curriculum, delivery of effective teaching, a complementary, supportive school environment; and broad involvement of various staff, students, parents and community partnerships within school programmes.
We know that true educational excellence can only be earned through productive partnerships and shared responsibility. Through unity we achieve our aspirations. Our collective purpose is to ‘achieve the best educational outcomes for all enrolled students’. Open, honest and direct communication between home and school is essential. Parents are encouraged to let us know when pleased about things that happen in our school, to discuss any concerns with us and to seek an understanding of the way in which this quality educational institution functions.
Our focus is our students! We maintain high standards of quality concerning school programming, teaching, student welfare and learning outcomes. We celebrate success and then work to improve on achievements. We focus our efforts on that special relationship that exists between an effective teacher and pupil. The valuing of this “mythical magic of classroom climate making classrooms human” is the base upon which McDowall State School Management exists.  Formal school ​success is dependent upon productive, effective teaching and learning occurring within classrooms! McDowall State School decision-making is therefore guided by expectations, standards, policies and procedures that support the application of defined values into daily school activity. We teach students to assume self-responsibility. We expect to work within a mutually supportive relationship with parents. We maintain clearly defined, high expectations concerning both student attainment and conduct.   
The McDowall State School offers a Preparatory and Primary Educational Programme. We are extremely proud of ‘OUR GREAT STATE SCHOOL’ but acknowledge that parents should always access the ‘most appropriate school programme’ at which-ever location for the specific learning needs of their child.
Bruce T. Fogarty Principal.   
Last reviewed 26 August 2021
Last updated 26 August 2021